Toshiba PA5107U-1BRS Satellite L55 L55t S55 S55t P55 Battery

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Toshiba PA5107U-1BRS Satellite L55 L55t S55 S55t P55 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 14.4V, Capacity: 43WH/2838mah, Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Part Numbers:

P000573230, PA5107U-1BRS, TB011207-PRR14G01

Fits the Following Models:

L55-A5266, Satelite P50-A-12N, Satelite P50T-A, Satellite L40-A, SATELLITE L45D, SATELLITE L50, Satellite L50-A, Satellite L50-A-10Q, Satellite L50-A-12W, SATELLITE L50-A-170, SATELLITE L50-A-173, Satellite L50-A-18R, SATELLITE L50-A00M, Satellite L50-B-1X5, Satellite L50-B-1XZ, Satellite L50-B-27N, Satellite L50-B-2EZ, Satellite L50-B-2FD, Satellite L50-B-2G7, Satellite L50-B-2H8, Satellite L50-DA, Satellite L50A00M, Satellite L50D-B-131, Satellite L50D-B-13K, Satellite L50D-B-13W, Satellite L50D-B-146, Satellite L50D-B-152, Satellite L50D-B-15T, Satellite L50D-B-169, Satellite L50D-B-18W, SATELLITE L50T-A, Satellite L55, SATELLITE L55-A-5266, SATELLITE L55t, satellite l55t-a5290, Satellite P50, SATELLITE P50-A, SATELLITE P50-A-11J, Satellite P50-A-12L, SATELLITE P50-A-12N, Satellite P50-BT02M1, SATELLITE P50T-A, SATELLITE P55, SATELLITE P55-a5312, Satellite Pro L50-A, Satellite S50-A, Satellite S50-A-10H, SATELLITE S50D-A, SATELLITE S55, SATELLITE S55-A-5275, Satellite S55-A5275, satellite S55-a5295, Satellite S55t, Satellite S55t-A5237, Toshiba Satellite S55

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