HP PI06 710416-001 Pavilion 14-E000 15-E000 Battery

HP PI06 710416-001 Pavilion 14-E000 15-E000 Battery

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HP PI06 710416-001 Pavilion 14-E000 15-E000 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 10.8 V, Capacity: 47Wh, Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Part Numbers:

Fits the Following Models:

Envy 15-J000, Envy 15-J078Sf Touchsmart, Envy 15-J100, Envy 15-Q001Tx, Envy 15-Q100, Envy 15T-J000, Envy 15T-J100 Quad, Envy 15Z-J000, Envy 15Z-J100, Envy 17 Lm Se 17-J150La, Envy 17 Lm Touchsmart Se 17-J101Tx, ENVY 17-j000 Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j000 Quad Edition, Envy 17-J100, ENVY 17-j100 Leap Motion QE, ENVY 17-j100 Leap Motion TS SE, Envy 17-J101Ex Leap Motion Touchsmart Se, Envy 17T-J000, Envy 17T-J000 Quad, Envy 17T-J100 Leap Motion Qe, Envy 17T-J100 Quad Edition, Envy Leap Motion 17-J170Ca, Envy M6-N012Dx, Envy Quad 15, Envy Quad 15T-J000, Envy Quad 15T-J100, Envy Quad 17T-J000, Envy Quad 17T-J100, Envy Quad Leap Motion 17T-J100, Envy Select 15T-J000, Envy Select 15T-J100, Envy Select 17T J100, Envy Select 17T-J000, Envy Select 17T-J100, Envy Touchsmart 15-J000, Envy Touchsmart 15-J113Tx, Envy Touchsmart 15T-J000, Envy Touchsmart 15T-J100, Envy Touchsmart 15Z-J000, Envy Touchsmart 17-J000, Envy Touchsmart 17-J100, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j100 Quad Edition, Envy Touchsmart M7-J000, Envy Touchsmart M7-J100, Pavilion 14-E000, Pavilion 15-E000, Pavilion 15-E101Tu, Pavilion 15-J184Nr, Pavilion 15t-e000, Pavilion 15z-e000, Pavilion 17-033Nr, Pavilion 17-E000, Pavilion 17-E100 Touchsmart, Pavilion 17Z-E000, Pavilion 17Z-E100, Pavilion Touchsmart 17-E114Dx, Pavilion Touchsmart 17-J117Cl, Pavilion Touchsmart 17-J157Cl, Envy 15-J000Er Envy 15-J000Sg, Envy 15-J001Er Envy 15-J001Sb, Envy 15-J001Sg Envy 15-J001Tx, Envy 15-J002Er Envy 15-J002La, Envy 15-J003Eo Envy 15-J003La, Envy 15-J004Ax Envy 15-J004La, Envy 15-J004Tx Envy 15-J005Ep, Envy 15-J005Ss Envy 15-J005Tu, Envy 15-J006Ax Envy 15-J006Cl, Envy 15-J007Ax Envy 15-J007Cl

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