Replacement Lenovo B40 B50  L12L4E55 L12S4E55 L13L4A01 Battery

Replacement Lenovo B40 B50 L12L4E55 L12S4E55 L13L4A01 Battery

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Replacement Lenovo B40 B50 L12L4E55 L12S4E55 L13L4A01 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 14.4 V, Capacity: 22000mAh/32Wh , Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Part Numbers:

45N1186, 45N1187, 121500192, 121500239, 121500240, 121500241, 121500242, 121500243, 121500244, L12L4E55, L12M4E55, L12S4E55, L13L4A01, L13M4A01, L13S4A01, 45N1183, ASM 45N1182, FRU 45N1183

Fits the Following Models:

Lenovo B40, Lenovo B40-30, Lenovo B40-45, Lenovo B40-70, Lenovo B50, Lenovo B50-30, Lenovo B50-30 Touch, Lenovo B50-45, Lenovo B50-70, Lenovo Eraser B40, Lenovo Eraser B40-30, Lenovo Eraser B40-45, Lenovo Eraser B40-70, Lenovo Eraser B50, Lenovo Eraser B50-30, Lenovo Eraser B50-30 Touch, Lenovo Eraser B50-45, Lenovo Eraser B50-70, Lenovo Eraser M4400, Lenovo Eraser M4400A, Lenovo Eraser M4450, Lenovo Eraser M4450A, Lenovo Eraser N40, Lenovo Eraser N40-30, Lenovo Eraser N40-45, Lenovo Eraser N40-70, Lenovo Eraser N50, Lenovo Eraser N50-30, Lenovo Eraser N50-45, Lenovo Eraser N50-70, Lenovo IdeaPad B40, Lenovo IdeaPad B40-30, Lenovo IdeaPad B40-45, Lenovo IdeaPad B40-70, Lenovo IdeaPad B50, Lenovo IdeaPad B50-30, Lenovo IdeaPad B50-30 Touch, Lenovo IdeaPad B50-45, Lenovo IdeaPad B50-70, Lenovo IdeaPad M4400, Lenovo IdeaPad M4400A, Lenovo IdeaPad M4450, Lenovo IdeaPad M4450A, Lenovo IdeaPad N40, Lenovo IdeaPad N40-30, Lenovo IdeaPad N40-45, Lenovo IdeaPad N40-70, Lenovo IdeaPad N50, Lenovo IdeaPad N50-30, Lenovo IdeaPad N50-45, Lenovo IdeaPad N50-70, Lenovo IdeaPad V4400, Lenovo IdeaPad V4400A, Lenovo M4400, Lenovo M4400A, Lenovo M4450, Lenovo M4450A, Lenovo N40, Lenovo N40-30, Lenovo N40-45, Lenovo N40-70, Lenovo N50, Lenovo N50-30, Lenovo N50-45, Lenovo N50-70, Lenovo V4400, Lenovo V4400A

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