Replacement Asus C31N1915 11.55V 42Wh Battery

Replacement 11.55V 42Wh C31N1915 Battery for Asus Laptop.

This Battery is compatible with Asus ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0900R and Expertbook B1 B1500CEPE EJ0727T Laptop.

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Replacement Asus C31N1915 11.55V 42Wh Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 11.55V, Capacity: 3640mAh (42Wh), Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

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C31N1915 Fits the Following Models:

ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0900R, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0047RA, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK5854T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE EK5810T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-BV0868T

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